Please view these frequently asked questions below. If you don’t find your question here feel free to email me.

How much is your photography?

All services require a minimum deposit for confirmation of service. Our hourly rate is minimum of $45/hr. Each client gets a online catalog to view photos. Weddings and large events have specialized rates. Studio Photography rates start at $60/hr.

What graphic design do you create?

Websites, logos, and flyers are the main inquiries. There are special products that I’ve customized or revamped as well.

How much is your web design service?

We require that our clients pay for their web hosting, domain name, and security for their website. Then I will charge you a separate design fee. No project is the same. So the price would depend on the details such as who will manage the site after it is finished, how many pages, do you need additional photography, etc.